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A Feature Film written by JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney of Siren Stories

Produced by Cliff Thomas of Artisan Films

Back in 2017, Gracemarch was a script written by JJ Barnes and Jonathan McKinney of Siren Stories for production company Artisan Films. Starting as a fifteen minute short, the script soon garnered the attention of Game Of Throne’s Ross O’Hennessy and Farscape’s Virginia Hey, and the writing team were commissioned to develop the fifteen minute short into a feature film.

In the first collaboration between Siren Stories and Artisan Films, Gracemarch went into production in 2018, with producer Cliff Thomas and a stellar cast on board.

However, things went awry for the team when the entertainment industry was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, and plans for completing the production were shut down, with no clue when things could restart.

JJ Barnes, Jonathan McKinney, Cliff Thomas and the Gracemarch team hope that as excitement and interest in this story is reignited by release of the book, they can gain funding enough to complete the film and see their story on the big screen.